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When did everyone become such…extremists?

Hating on the “other side.”  Flinging arguments like chimps with their feces.  Convinced everyone else is an idiot.

How did most the country get this far gone?  And is there any getting out of it?

Some kids in Silicon Valley may have a way out.

"You've got to go to Broadway to improve on this performance…"
--Producer's Mother
"Barely fiction is right. The robot is so real, yet so today, I think we might ‘almost be done with humans' as the song suggested..."
--Apple Podcast Listener
"…if the musical Hair and Hamilton had a love child, it'd be Extreming!"
--Producer in her own mind
"I'm in love with the ‘Bridge' character and I'll take her ‘long tall dry of frothy beauty' anytime"
--Silicon Valley coffeeshop frequenter
"I suppose this is a farce—like Monty Python was—but it sure feels like it could really happen. #MortalsRock #HumanSurrender #UhOh"
--Media Consumption Artist
"Man this pupster rips—too fast to follow at times—but the songs are so sick, who cares?"
--Random Spotify Listener

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